9 Anti-Aging Exercises That Can Make Your Body Feel Like New


6/9. To fight and prevent back pain – Do a Front Plank.

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We’re getting into the more complicated exercises now, but you can do it!! Strengthening your core is vital to being fit and healthy, and the plank is excellent for your ab muscles.

  • Begin by lying on the ground, face down. Keep your stomach muscles engaged and pulled in tight.
  • Lift yourself up onto your forearms and keep your legs extended out straight behind you in a sort of “plank” position.
  • Make sure you keep your back straight resting on the balls of your feet and forearms, looking at your hands.
  • Hold this position for at least one minute, which is much harder than it seems! Keep your neck relaxed throughout.

Try 3 sets of one minute each to start out with.


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