12 Things You Should Absolutely Stop Doing To Your Dog

6. Rubbing Their Nose

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Another mistake that’s common among dog owners is potty training by rubbing their pup’s nose in their pee. Many times if a dog urinates inside the house, we’ve learned that it’s helpful to put their nose in it and then tell them “No!” and take them outside. This is just an old wives’ tale. Doing this will only teach your dog to fear you or hide from you. They might even think that the act of peeing is the problem. Just remember, your pooch doesn’t have the inherent knowledge that they’re supposed to relieve themselves outside. Come on, people! WE don’t even know that when we’re little.

The only place a dog thinks is out of bounds is where they sleep. Plus, forcing your dog’s face into their waste is just unethical. Simply clapping and saying “Ah-ah!” when you catch your puppy peeing inside is enough to make your point. After you’ve clapped, take your puppy outside and let them finish. Once they’ve done so, you can praise them.

When cleaning up the mess inside, you can even place the rags used to soak up pee or the piece of poop outside to reinforce that that’s where they should go.