12 Things You Should Absolutely Stop Doing To Your Dog

9. Kennel As Punishment

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Kennel training, your dog is a beautiful thing to do from the time they’re a puppy. It’s beneficial at times when you need them to stay put – like if you’re moving furniture and don’t want to trip over your pooch.

The kennel also serves as a den would in the wild. It’s a place your dog should feel safe and comfortable. One of the biggest mistakes dog owners makes using the kennel as a form of punishment. We often put our dogs in their kennel when we’re upset because they’ve done something wrong, similar to a “time out” for a toddler. However, your dog doesn’t know why they’re getting the “time out” and only associates going in the kennel with you being upset.

So, please don’t put them up when they’ve done something wrong. It will result in problems down the road.