12 Things You Should Absolutely Stop Doing To Your Dog

8. Lack Of Exercise


We all get busy with life. Work, school, chores, errands – sometimes the time just gets away from us. Despite these regular life events, dog owners need to take the time to get their pet’s energy out. Most dogs are naturally energetic. They love to run, fetch, play, and swim and need to do these things before they can calm down.

The lack of doing physical activities can harm you and your dog in the long run. When your pup is cooped up all day with nothing to do, they will resort to any means necessary to keep themselves occupied. If that means chewing up the couch or carpet while you’re away, then that’s what they’ll do. The dog doesn’t realize that some things are off-limits, especially when they haven’t been trained or are still in the puppy phase.

So, you must play with them or walk them. That way, neither you or your pooch have to suffer, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to bond!