12 Things You Should Absolutely Stop Doing To Your Dog

3. Taking Food Away

12 Things You Should Absolutely Stop Doing To Your Dog

This is something you might’ve done to your puppy, especially if they got ahold of a tasty treat they weren’t supposed to have. Keep in mind that it’s your dog’s instinct to scavenge for and guard their food. Just like other animals do in the wild, dogs protect their valuable items because it ensures survival.

Since food is essential, it’s normal for your pup to be protective of it. So, please don’t take their food away! If you remove their food or treats, it can make aggressive behavior worse. Generally speaking, guarding food isn’t a difficult thing to work with anyway.

Feeding them in a separate room or their kennel, staying away while they eat, and making sure they have enough food are all simple ways to keep you and your dog happy. But, if you’re worried about your pup biting you or others, then you should seek professional help, and if you happen to have a puppy that doesn’t guard their food. Then reinforcing that behavior by hand-feeding is essential, so they don’t develop it later on.