10 Harmful Things You Should Never Do To Your Dog

8. Ignoring your doggie’s teeth

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Just like people’s teeth, dogs’ teeth also need to be cleaned regularly. There is no aesthetic problem here, but we can say that it is fundamental and essential. When you get your puppy, start to do to make him used to it.

In the beginning, brushing teeth three times per week will be fine, but for keeping the dogs’ teeth healthy, it is best to brush them daily. Regular brushing cannot be replaced by giving a chew stick treats to your pet. Those minty chews cannot do cleaning done by a toothbrush. Don’t make use of toothbrushes and kinds of toothpaste that are made for humans. For dogs, particular types of toothbrushes and pasts are available, which are entirely different from that of people.

I am sure that you have never used toothpaste having beef or chicken flavor. Toothbrushes for dogs have soft bristles and small heads. If this brush is not available, then as an alternative, you can use your kid’s toothbrush or piece of gauze enfold around your finger or even a cotton mop. But for your convenience, use a dog’s toothbrush. It can be readily available in any of the pet stores or a veterinary hospital. Just like people, get your pets to toothbrush professionally cleaned at your nearby vet two times a year.

And now, I am going to give you a top-secret bonus tip; If you can get your dog to break particular plastic bones, this will provide you with two advantages. This activity caters to its need for chewing gum, discourages destructive chewing, keeps it busy, and automatically cleans its dog’s teeth.