10 Harmful Things You Should Never Do To Your Dog

Are you a dog lover? And have your doggy in your house? But unfortunately, you don’t know how to take care of him.

If you have a dog in your house, you will definitely want your dog to be healthy and spend a happy and long life. But sadly, sometimes, you do some unhealthy things to your doggy unintentionally.
Some of the qualities of the dogs are that they are adventurous, funny, and innocent. It is quite impressive, but sometimes, due to these qualities, they can get in trouble. I expect that you really don’t want to look at your dog in danger.

Well, don’t worry at all, here in this article you will learn about how to look after your dog and the ten most harmful and unhealthy things you do to your puppy without noticing it.

Well, on the next page, you will discover the 10 Harmful Things You Should Never Do To Your Dog. And I recommend you go ahead and read this article; it will be beneficial for you! And also to Make sure you aren’t Hurting your dog unknowingly.

10. Selecting an inaccurate collar

We can hurt our dogs unintentionally with a lot of things. One of the essential things that you should consider is what kind of collar you are selecting for them. If you visit a pet store, you will be confused while choosing a collar because many collars have different lengths, sizes, materials, and types.

But don’t worry, here I am going to describe some essential techniques through which you can choose the best collar for your dog.

✓ First of all, decide which size will be suitable for your dog. Before going to the store, be sure to check the circumference of your pet’s neck, or you can also take your dog with you. In some stores, they will allow you to put a leash on your dog’s neck. So, you can buy the right size of collar for your dog. In general, a thinner collar will be a perfect choice if your dog is small. And for larger dogs, thicker collars are the best.

✓ The second that you should consider is the harness. If you are walking them and they pull a lot, then the harness is necessary. If you do not invest in harness, they can get injured when they are pulling. They don’t choke if the harness is of good quality.

There are different requirements for different dogs. And if you still don’t understand which collar is best for your dog, you can see the information on the collar or can request an employee to help you.

For making your canine companion feel safe and comfortable, kindly follow these tips.

9. Leave off the dog in the car

It’s my sincere advice that don’t leave your pooch in the car all alone. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration say that in just 10 minutes, the temperature in the car rises by 20 degrees, even if you park your car in the shade.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association has confirmed this research. It further says that the temperature inside the car can skyrocket to 110 degrees, even if the outside temperature is chilly and fresh 60 degrees. Dogs can’t sweat Like humans. They can get overheated fastly. And because of the deficiency of this critical capability to cool themselves, the results of leaving the dog in a parked car can be deadly.

Panting excessively, drooling, and looking overall agitated are some signs of overheating. If the dog shows life-threatening symptoms like diarrhoea, vomiting, or lethargy, then visit the vet instantly.

8. Ignoring your doggie’s teeth

Just like people’s teeth, dogs’ teeth also need to be cleaned regularly. There is no aesthetic problem here, but we can say that it is fundamental and essential. When you get your puppy, start to do to make him used to it.

In the beginning, brushing teeth three times per week will be fine, but for keeping the dogs’ teeth healthy, it is best to brush them daily. Regular brushing cannot be replaced by giving a chew stick treats to your pet. Those minty chews cannot do cleaning done by a toothbrush. Don’t make use of toothbrushes and kinds of toothpaste that are made for humans. For dogs, particular types of toothbrushes and pasts are available, which are entirely different from that of people.

I am sure that you have never used toothpaste having beef or chicken flavor. Toothbrushes for dogs have soft bristles and small heads. If this brush is not available, then as an alternative, you can use your kid’s toothbrush or piece of gauze enfold around your finger or even a cotton mop. But for your convenience, use a dog’s toothbrush. It can be readily available in any of the pet stores or a veterinary hospital. Just like people, get your pets to toothbrush professionally cleaned at your nearby vet two times a year.

And now, I am going to give you a top-secret bonus tip; If you can get your dog to break particular plastic bones, this will provide you with two advantages. This activity caters to its need for chewing gum, discourages destructive chewing, keeps it busy, and automatically cleans its dog’s teeth.

7. Allowing your doggie to eat all the things

I will never recommend you nourish your dog with salt, spice, and fatty human food. Actually, many of the human dishes like baked goods, some diet foods, chewing gum, and taking candling are harmful to dogs. A special sweetener, Xylitol, is present in them. The blood sugar level of dogs may drop due to this sweetener’s intake, which can result in liver failure.

Intake of avocados can lead to severe vomiting and diarrhea in your dog. Please keep your dog away from alcohol because the liver and brain of your dog are affected by it. Liquor can be a reason to die for dogs as it creates breathing problems.

Here I am going to list some of the products that can affect your puppy health badly:

  •  Raisins and grapes
  •  Trimmings and fatty bones
  •  Caffeinated drinks along with tea and coffee.
  •  Dairy products
  •  Sugary and salty food
  •  Raw milk, fish and eggs
  •  Chocolates
  •  Persimmons and peaches

Note: Never give your dog your leftover food.

6. Punishing your dog physically

It is quite evident that dogs demand training from their owners, but it is never acceptable to punish your dog. Firstly, it is entirely an animal abuse. And secondly, this act is inoperative, and your dog will get afraid of you. Most useful training is reward-based, not corporal punishment.

Trust will be built between the dog and the owner through reward-based training, while generally, dogs will distrust humans if they are punished physically. The dog will learn and behave in the way the owner wants if a reward-based practice is used, and if the owner chooses physical punishment for his dog, the dog will put himself in some hiding place and start urinating. He will be uncontrolled and froze because of the fear of death.

Do you like it when someone hits you? Of course! Your answer is no. Do you love to get rewards? I am sure you will say yes. So, think about your dogs. They are just like you. So, if your dog does what you love, he won’t join any obedience school. He will learn what you will teach him. When they are puppies, it’s the best time for their training because you can quickly put positive habits into it.

5. No safety measures for your pooch in the car

While driving, people use their seat belts, and the kids use car seats, so why should you not provide safety measures to your dogs? If your dog is not protected in the car, and your car got an accident, then he will contact serious injurious and even can be killed. For your pooch safety, there are many choices. Some of them are as follows:

  •  Zip wire harnesses
  •  Various kinds of carriers
  •  Fasten with seat belts
  •  Ejection seats for your doggies

Out of these, you can select one that will be suitable for your needs.

4. Shouting at your dog for his wrongdoings

If your dog has not gained sufficient training, he will make some mistakes and will misbehave with you. In this situation, your dog will display this bad behavior repeatedly. But, if your dog is misbehaving randomly, you may not be able to stimulate him enough.

Try not to scream on your dog in both of these cases because dogs also have emotions, and they will feel that you hate them and keep going mad on them repeatedly. You can only complicate your dog because, for him, it is his usual behavior, so try to resolve the issue and do not treat your dog harshly or yell at him.

3. Missing out flea tick and worm treatment

If you miss out flea tick and worm treatment, it will not only have a terrible impact on your dog but also on you. These treatments are necessary and useful for pooch owners. Your dog could live a happy, safe, and healthy life if he has been given such therapies regularly. I recommend you take your pet to nearby veterinary hospitals regularly for his checkups and treatments.

2. Leaving dangerous things around

Dogs are daring and adventurous. They love to explore the surrounding environment. They will try to discover by sniffing things. They will chew or swallow anything that will curious them. They will exactly do this. If they are not supervised in harmful surroundings, they can put themselves in danger and get some harm. Keep injurious things such as screws, magnets, coins, and medicines, etc… away from the dog’s reach.

One of my relative’s doggy ate his necklace, but fortunately, he was not hurt.

1. Ignoring species related health problems

Some of the dog breeds need special grooming and at risk of some particular health problems. Before buying a pet, always do thorough research to take the best care of your pet. And to understand their situation well.

Final thoughts :

Our dogs are like our family members. They demand our positive attitudes, that’s why to pay your full attention, to take care of them and if you want them to live a happy and long life, avoid the mistakes as mentioned earlier.

So, if any of your friends or family member is a dog lover or a dog owner, then also share this in-depth article with them.